Funeral poverty

Funeral poverty is an increasing hardship in Dundee and for the poorest people costs are up to 40% of their annual expenditure, often leading to large debts making it hard for the bereaved to grieve properly. Although grieving families want to give their loved one the best possible send off they often consider it disrespectful to shop around, rarely querying funeral quotes and feeling pressurised to buy expensive add-ons. Clearly there was a need for an independent body to champion the bereaved – funeral link is that organisation.


% of yearly income required to pay the average funeral bill


Call Centre Staff

Waiter/Bar Staff

State Pension

Job Seekers Allowance

Source: Funeral Poverty in Scotland - Citizens Advice 2016

What we offer

Funeral link aims to prevent funeral poverty in Dundee by offering confidential support and helping the bereaved save money on all things funeral. Planning a funeral on a low income or little or no savings can be tough, so if you are struggling to meet funeral costs contact the funeral link team on 01382 458800 for one-to-one support and independent advice. MORE...


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